Stand Up Paddle Board Options

Stand Up Paddle Board Options

What to look for in a Paddle board or SUP?

First is to find a paddle board that matches what you hope to do with it. Are you going to only go out for exercise on flat water? Then a touring SUP or all around model will fit you needs. Waves add to the excitement and a stand up paddle board with a little more rocker or bottom curve and wider will play in the waves better. The all around models and shorter wave models are popular choices. The larger brand name companies like Amundson, Fanatic and Starboard have been making high quality stand up paddle boards for many years. The fiberglass and carbon models are the strongest and stiffest. Although some companies only use one or two layers of cloth in the cheap China models that look great but don’t hold up. The first clue is how long is the warranty. The low end vinyl models only have thirty to ninety day warranties. Most quality stand up paddle boards have a one year warranty. The inflatable models come in a full range of models and quality levels. They are not as stiff as the fiberglass models but are easy to transport and a little tougher when hitting rocks. Cost will be vary similar to fiberglass models because there is a huge range in quality.

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